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Current Price List

This page will have our current available price list. If you have questions, feel free to email or call me at 719-371-3482. I would love to talk with you.

  • We have the following available: All our beef is 100% grass-fed, drug-free, and raised in the stunning Wet Mountain Valley of Westcliffe, Colorado. 
  • Ala carte individual cuts:
    • Filet: $24.99 per pound, average 2 half-pounds-steaks per package.
    • Ground Beef: $7.99 per pound in 1-pound packages.
    • Stew beef: $9.99 per pound and come in 1-pound packages
    • Whole Tenderloin Roast $24.99 a pound and comes in 3-4 pound roast.
  • Marrow Bones: $3.99 per pound and comes in 2-4 pound packages. 
  • Knucklebones: $1.99 per pound and come in 3-4 pound packages.
  • Liver: $2.99 per pound, average 1-pound packages.
  • Heart: $2.99 per pound, average 2.5-pound packages.
  • Prime Steak Animals: Each order includes about a third each of steaks (Filet, Ribeye, NY Strip, Skirt, Sirloin, and round steaks), roasts, and slow cook cuts (Chuck, Arm, Brisket, Eye of Round, Short Ribs, Beef Shanks) and 85/15 premium ground beef.
    • Eighth Beef: 
      • 50 lbs. $10.99 a pound 
    •  Quarter Beef:
      • 100 lbs. $9.99 a pound
    • Half Beef:
      • 200 lbs. $9.99 a pound 
    • Whole Beef:
      • 400 lbs. $9.99 a pound 
  • How to order:
    • Send us an email to, please include your address and phone number.
    • Once we have your order, we will arrange a personal delivery to your home. For orders 50 pounds or less, just leave a cooler outside with your payment inside. Your beef will stay frozen in a cooler for up to 24 hours in most situations. For more than 50 pounds we will work with you and help load up the beef.  
  • Not ready to order?
    • If you are not ready to order now but would like to reserve beef for later in the year, contact us and we will reserve your beef for you.

*We require a $200 minimum order for home delivery.

*We accept cash or checks which you can leave in your cooler. Please make your check out to Tharros Acres. Or, you can pay by credit card in person, or we can send you an invoice through email. We charge 3% for all credit card or online transactions.

Thank you,

Jordan & Alyssa